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Acorn 180 curved stairlift removal

Updated: May 29, 2023

Removing of the Acorn 180 Railing

In this type of stairlift you dont need to drive the lift off the rail completely, just drive it to the top, then you will be able to dismantle the last section of the rail while the lift is still attached to it. The railing of the Acorn 180 seems like it would assemble and disassemble easily enough but when you start the railing pieces are very difficult to pull apart or put together. This is because there is a set screw on each railing piece. Notice on the rail that there is a bolt that you must screw/unscrew and next to the bolt is a hole in the railing. It is difficult to see, but inside this hole is a set screw that requires a hex to loosen. Once that set screw is loosened, you can easily slide the pieces together or apart.

For more information about stairlift removals please visit Stairlift Removal Page .

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