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Stairlift Removal Service

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     We Buy And Remove      Unwanted Stairlifts

Stairlift removal free removals of all makes,  or EL Stairlift removal was founded with the agenda of making stairlift removal easy, accessible and affordable for our customers. Our experienced team of qualified professionals and lift engineers is perfectly skilled in ensuring the removal of your stairlift without any collateral damage to the interior of your living space.

No matter the reason behind the removal –be it passing away, moving between houses, or a discontinuity in need for the stairlift.

we make sure to coordinate with you in an empathetic manner.

We at Easylifting offer a range of offers for our customers to choose from according to their suitability and feasibility.

A Bit About Us _

As a leader in the industry, Easylifting is always pushing its boundaries to expand and make room for newer inventions and advancements. We always make it a mission to stay true to our values and give everything our best shot. Whether it is pleasing our customers or staying up to date in an excessively competent market, Easylifting has done it all and will continue to do so.


We Buy And Remove Stairlifts

What Stairlifts We Buy?
  • STANNAH: 260 / 600

  • ACORN superglide: 120 / 130 / 180 curved

  • BROOKS: superglide 120 / 130 / 180 curved

  • ​HANDICARE: simplicty+ 950 / 1000

  • ​thyssenkrupp: Comfort

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Tips helping you sell you unwanted stairlift _


              Selling Privately:


Selling your stairlift privately after removal will require you to take into account multiple factors. These include but are not limited to the condition of the stairlift, how well it has been in use, for how long you have had it, and whether it is straight or curved. It is much easier selling back a staircase if it is not too old. Selling it back to your supplier is easier it your stairlift is in good condition.

However, you’ll get paid less for it than you would through a private sale. On the other hand, you will clearly avoid all the additional expenses of advertising, viewings, testing, and dealing with enquiries. Check our buy-back policy to see if selling back suits you!


               Selling Online:

It must be kept in mind that stairlift installations are customised to fit a particular staircase and, therefore, selling it privately can be quite difficult as you have to find a customer that has the exact staircase as yours. Thus, you should post the complete and accurate details regarding the stairlift you are selling so no confusion remains.




If your choosing to sell back your stairlift to your supplier, there are two possible ways how that can unfold for you. Firstly, if the stairlift is relatively new and in good condition, your supplier might offer to remove it free of charge.

However, if the stairlift is older than 5 years, you will probably be required to pay a removal fee. We buy unwanted stairlifts for good prices, so be sure to ring us up if you need to get rid of yours!

If your supplier is not interested in buying back your used stairlift, Easylifting will help you out. We buy unwanted stairlifts and can arrange lift engineers to remove your stairlifts in no time. Whether you want the chair lift removal to be temporary or permanent, we are always there to help you out. All you have got to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. We will provide you quotes on the line and will get your stairlift removal job done in no time at all!